Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre

Wholistic services for your whole being ~ in one Centre

A unique space for recovery, rejuvenation and moving forward

An urban oasis tucked away in the western suburb of Richmond, just outside the city.

Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre is an wholistic health centre; offering Onsen, Tea Garden, a range of physical therapies, meditation styles, nutrition and healing modalities and coaching suitable for every body.

We have a large variety of services from PEAK therapies, movement, nutrition and mind/mental wellbeing and a onsen/hot spring.

To various daily and weekly classes, from martial arts, aqua therapy, dynamic flow yoga and many more.


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Rediscover your true self and have the confidence to live the life you want. Peak Wellbeing provides Mind Mastery sessions, Meditation and Life Coaching. Create sustainable lifestyle habits and move beyond healing; toward your goals.


Movement is crucial to ensuring peak wellness. Peak Wellbeing offers movement classes such as Yoga, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, and other styles of movement with qualified and experienced instructors.


Our specialised team offers a wide range of healing modalities for therapy. Choose from Onsen soak, Hydrotherapy, various styles of massage, Reiki, Breathwork and Sound Healing.


Feel anew with holistic health coaching. Start your journey to becoming your best self by learning what works best for you and your body. Change your relationship with food and create new, healthful habits.

“It is in the balancing and alignment of Self, Spirit, Environment and Community where we may find true healing, taking us to a place beyond, where we have never been before, perhaps to a remarkable level of existence”

–  Heather Cripps, Founder of Peak Wellbeing


Are you looking for a unique venue, central to Adelaide to host your events or bring your clients? Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre offers a Tea Garden, a range of rooms and studios suitable for 1 – 25 participants and an Onsen, unlike anything you will see in Adelaide.

Ideal for Private, Corporate and Public events.

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