Peak Perks: Rewarding You

We’re thrilled to be sharing the launch of our Peak Perks program – a system that rewards you for every step and action you make towards your health and wellness at Peak Wellbeing. 

What is Peak Perks?

Peak Perks is Peak Wellbeing’s reward program, where you get rewarded for every action and step you take towards your health and wellbeing with us. Earn points for attending to any movement classes, sharing that goodness with a friend, and even on your birthday. We break down how to earn and collect points a little bit more below.

How do I become a Peak Perks member?

When you register and sign up for any classes at Peak Wellbeing, you automatically become a Peak Perks member. This means you do not need to do anything extra at all. On top of that, you’ve already earned points! Learn more about earning and collecting Peak Perks points below.

How it works: Earning Peak Perks points

We’ve made it super easy for you to earn Peak Perks points. Attended a class? You earn 5 points. It’s your birthday too? You earn 5 points. Managed to snag a buddy for a class with you? You earn 10 points!  

ActivityPoints earned
Attend a class5
Attend an event10
It’s your birthday reward5
Purchase a single class pass online5
Purchase a 5x class pass online10
Purchase 10x class pass online15
Review Peak Wellbeing on Google or Facebook5
Complete your profile5
Refer-a-friend that purchases a single class pass10
Refer-a-friend that purchases a 5x class pass15
Refer-a-friend that purchases a 10x class pass20

What can I redeem my Peak Perks points for?

Use your well-earned points to redeem Peak Wellbeing class passes, or a store voucher that can be used towards any in-store Peak Wellbeing health and beauty products like balms, sprays, and activewear. 

RewardPoints required
Single class100
5 class pass450
10 class pass900
$10 voucher (to be used for in-store purchase only – oils, sprays, balms, activewear)100

Start earning Peak Perks points today

We don’t ever want you to miss out, so be sure to book into any of our classes today.

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