Today I climbed a mountain

I woke at 3am and decided I wanted to climb a mountain.

I’d pitch a tent to set up at the base, prepare for the journey, sit on that mountain for a while and head back at dusk.

As I lay in bed, I started to go through the steps in my mind and realised that I have neither the time or resources to make this climb. 

I quickly turned my mind to thinking instead, I’ll have a productive day and work toward climbing that mountain as soon as I can.

Today, I’ll exercise, pay my weekly dues, make progress on my studies and in my business instead. 

As I journeyed through the steps in my mind; with every thought I hit a barrier.
I currently cant walk, I cant open one of my eyes, my spine is fractured, so I cant do sit ups…… every exercise I thought of, I kept coming up with a big ❌ 

I soon realised that I have neither the time, physical or even the financial resources since a global pandemic closed our business to get everything I needed to get done today. 

Hmmm I was starting to feel as though I was finally broken…
Has a lifetime of adventure and fighting to survive and thrive brought me to a point of breaking? ⚡ 

I momentarily turned my attention toward my loving family, friends, colleagues, the kindness of strangers and the clients that come to me for help to climb their own mountains.
That encouraged me enough to think about all the times I had overcome obstacles to achieve things in my past.

I drew strength from memories of past successes and tried to think of what I COULD do.
“I’ll start with exercise”
Exercise after exercise going through my mind, sit ups – ❌, push ups – ❌, squats – ❌, boxing/Muay Thai – ❌, many big ❌s
….Searching, searching my mind……..🧠
and then I came across one ✅…. Fire breathing – ✅
“What else”?
SOME Qi Gong – ✅, SOME stretching – ✅, SOME gentle weights in my hands – ✅….. I can do SOME things. SOME small things that will make a difference. SOME things that work toward maintaining the strength to climb that mountain ✅
Here we go ……
This encourages me just enough to work on the next task – paying my dues… working out what I CAN do. I can do SOME things. SOME things that will make a difference. SOME things that work toward maintaining my business ✅
This is getting good …..
My attention drew toward my studies…. attending uni at the moment may not be possible, but I CAN complete SOME online things, I am still contributing to my learnings and working on increasing my knowledge so that I may help others climb their own mountains ✅ 

And there I was…….. laying in bed, realising; I am not broken nor am I even just a survivor. I am a warrior and I am simply meeting my next challenge, which is small in comparison to my past challenges ✅

As I lay in bed, I realised that I had in fact, just climbed a mountain……the hardest mountain to climb – the mountain was my Mind…..and the day had barely begun…….✅


Today I take SOME steps to climb the toughest mountain – my Mind.~ Peak Mantra

An update to this blog – I healed my cracked spine and bulging discs after having been told by a doctor that I could be in a wheelchair if I didnt have a spinal fusion. How did I heal my spine? Anti-inflammatory foods, onsen containing magnesium and potassium chloride, comfrey cream, yoga, massage, rest when needed and beach swimming in the summer.

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