Soak up the Summer

Early to mid-summer is represented by the element of Fire and late summer, the element of Earth.
Throughout this time of year, our bodies are raging with energy to burn during the time of Fire, so now is THE perfect time to use this energy and our associated body organs; the heart and the small intestine. Soak up the summer and kick your immune system into gear!

Rid yourself of any toxins you may have accumulated over the preceding seasons and kick out any of those nasty flu bugs, if they are lingering.

Be aware, you can easily burn out in summer.

How do you avoid burn out? Balance Fire with Water!

Here’s some simple tips on how to use the fire to cleanse and balance with water to avoid burn out.

  • Increase your blood flow
  • Move your body, your joints and muscles
  • Sweat it out
  • Let your body absorb the morning sunshine
  • Try moving your body outdoors in the morning and slower activities in the early evening
  • Minimise the use of refrigerated air-conditioning and use a fan where possible
  • Eat the abundance of fresh, ‘cooling’ fruits and vegetables available.

Pop in for a soak before your massage, allow your body to rest and reset, and receive maximum benefits for the muscles and joints. You’ll thank yourself later!

Did you know the Onsen can be safe and highly beneficial for pregnancy and chronic illness and pain?

Temperatures are adjusted to your core body temp, 36 degrees or other temperature, specific to your body’s needs.

A relaxing way to relieve full body tension and discomfort as you safely soak throughout pregnancy or through chronic illness and pain.

Please call us the day before your booking so we can ensure the temperature is perfect for you.

Come and soak up the summer with a dip in the Onsen. We encourage you to experience the healing benefits of the hot mineral soak all year long!

~ Live well, your Peak Community

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