Earth, Sound and Energy Medicine: Beyond Healing the MindBody Ceremony


Saturday 14th November 2020 from 12noon to 4pm

EARTH, SOUND AND ENERGY MEDICINE: Beyond Healing the MindBody Ceremony.
Shamanic ceremonial medicine retreat in the forest.

Allow the blessed combination of powerful Earth Medicine in the natural surrounds of the forest to work through your MindBody in Shamanic style ritual, throughout the retreat and to be stored within.

Our experienced hosts guide you in the use of Earth, Sound and Energy Medicine with specific Mind and Shamanic techniques.

More about the healing Ceremony

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Going back to the basics so that we may move toward the future in a way that is more sustainable for our Minds, Bodies, Spirit, the Environment and Community.

"Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.  This is the Indian theory of existence."

-- Christal Quintasket - Salish


Long ago shamans recognised the power of Earth, Sound and Energy Medicine when they first used chants and drumming and other instruments within the pure energies of nature as well as herbs and high vibration plants and other foods.

In ancient times around the word, the use of Earth, Sound and Energy Medicine for healing was a highly developed sacred science. The transmission of Energy through people, animals and all elements were, and still are today, highly revered, and understood to be an integral part of everyday life.

When the vibrations of our physical and spiritual bodies are out of harmony it can cause disease. Earth, Sound and Energy Medicine is a natural, gentle and powerful way to realign our vibration, clear blockages and restore harmony.

Our experienced facilitators guide you in the use of Energy Medicine with specific Mind and Shamanic techniques within the Sacred bounds of nature itself. This combination assists in the release of that which is not serving you well and the manifestation of your intention into your life, as the Earth Medicine works through your MindBody.


12:00 noon
* Meet at location point by the forest. You will be sent the pinned location once you have booked. Within 45 minute drive, South of Adelaide city centre.
* Breathe in fresh air in silence so that throughout this Ceremony, you can truly connect with Self, Environment and others on a deep level.
* Sound opening with drum as we journey to the set location.
* Clearing with Australia's Earth Medicine, the Eucalyptus and intention setting.
* Shamanic Berry Ritual. Combination of Inca Berries, Raspberries and Pepper Berries.
* Shamanic meditation.

* Kundalini breath work and chanting. Tuning in to Self.
* Meditation and gentle Hypnosis to connect deeper into the Self and your intention, bringing the intention to your physical life.
* Forest bathing to a sacred soundscape. Ancient technique of moving through and connecting with the environment. Guided to start with and then leaving you in your space to truly connect in your own way.
* Tuning in to others and exploring reflection of yourself. Tuning in to Community.
* Shamanic meditation. Tuning in to environment and elements.
* Individual Shamanic Energy Medicine & regenerative sound journey.
* Gently ease into the world with your intention integrated into your MindBody and your life.


Please note the natural Earth Medicine involves a combination of Pepper berries, Inca berries and Raspberries. We will also be clearing with Eucalyptus and Palo Santo whilst working with our Energy Medicine.
If you have an adverse reaction to any of the above, please phone us at the Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre before you proceed with your booking.


This is for YOU - at any age or phase in your adult life as you are wanting eliminate that which does not serve you well and manifest an intention into your life.

  • open up and reconnect with your true nature
  • tune out your thoughts and into your meditation
  • re-balance and focus
  • relax & de-stress

This deeply powerful retreat is also perfect for couples or families wanting to gain a deeper bond or grow together and come back to the innate Self.



  • 2 rocks, stones or something similar. One to keep and one to let go of. We will explain what these are for when you arrive.
  • wear loose comfortable clothing
  • water bottle
  • notepad and pen
  • willingness to open up and learn / revise techniques to empower yourself
  • blanket and cushion

We look forward to this journey with you,



About the facilitators

Heather C

Heather is a coach, specialising in Mind Mastery. She helps people discover their true path and true self and guide them as they courageously find their way. Heather is qualified and experienced in the fields of International Relations (with a key focus on Human Rights Law, Negotiation and Global Human Movement), Breathwork, Meditation, Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnosis, Timelining, CBT, Mental Health First Aid and Human Resource Management. While living in Asia, she studied at the Graduate School of Law in Japan and while living in Australia, Flinders and Adelaide Universities. She has traveled to many parts of the world and learnt ancient Shamanic ways from Maestro Shamans in the Peruvian mountains and ancient methods of healing during her time living in Japan.


Cheyenne is an experienced and dedicated Yoga teacher and Practitioner (700hrs of training). She has traveled to various parts of the world in order to enhance her understanding of ancient movement medicine. Her knowledge and experience is vast and she is a senior facilitator and continuing student of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa, primal movement and Meditation. As well as teaching yoga/movement medicine Cheyenne is a Shamanic healer, having learnt the traditional methods and was given seers and healing rights in Peru 2017. She also offers intuitive massage, combining Breathwork and pure essential oils in with her sessions.

Heather S

Heather has been working in the field of holistic health & wellbeing for 15 years as an intuitive energy healer & massage therapist, yoga teacher & mindfulness meditation teacher as well as a working in the arts as a musician, singer songwriter & performer. Her passions lie in healing & connection through mind/body integration which she offers through;  Rest in Resonance – Embodied Sound Sessions – Sound bath & shamanic healing for individuals or groups. Sound healing is a gentle way to realign our vibration, clear blockages and restore harmony. The sound bath session is a therapeutic soundscape that uses a wide array of instruments including tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, voice, drums and more.