Art Therapy Coaching



Althea is a qualified yoga instructor and has trained through Krishna Village in the style of Vinyasa Flow. Before and after her training she has had a keen interest in the the Bhakti yoga tradition finding solace and connection via the Bhagavad Gita and the sacred sounds of mantra. Althea is now currently studying Tibetan Buddhism “FPMT” and Zen Buddhism “Diamond Sangha’ and has taught various meditation classes from these traditions. A vinyasa flow class with Althea will incorporate notions from these spiritual practices with intentions to bring about a relaxing, rejuvenating and enlightening feel that allows you to settle the mind, body and spirit.

Althea Mallee is an intuitive artist. She dives into her imagination to create surrealist and fantasy works that are magical and otherworldly. Not only as an artist but also a yoga teacher, spiritual practice plays a predominant role in her works. Often navigating the meaning behind esoteric and eastern philosophies, realisations are birthed in the form of visions that are then channeled into paintings. Althea has painted many murals around Adelaide, designed album covers, logos, original paintings, book covers and jackets.

She is currently working on several paintings for upcoming exhibitions two that will be held  locally and overseas.