“I was born in 1977 in a little town in East Germany spending the first 13 years of my life as a little communist, which some of the values stuck like sharing and caring, looking after each other. Then change came and everyone had to adapt and that provided some of the most valuable lessons of life for and I am always happy to talk about it.”

Christian was enlisted into the army after finishing high school and sought his way to studying and ending up as an office manager at a wonderful little design agency in Berlin. Living in Berlin until 2007, receiving his calling for Australia and jumping into a new era in his life spending the next 13 years in the country exploring construction. It was here that yoga slowly started to creep in on a more physical and subconscious level for Christian.

Christian fell in love with hot yoga and Vinyasa and started exploring various other styles.

“There it was; that inside light turned on and I couldn’t walk away or ignore it anymore!”

Christian followed his passion and undertook Yoga teacher training, which had a massive, impressive impact on his life.

Finally after a detour of work and pain I made the step starting with teaching at the end of 2020 followed by a lot of realisations due to Covid-19 and space to listen to my heart. Having practiced for over 10 years, finding more joy and love and forgiveness, I hope to share some of these altered states of  consciousness with some of my students to grow and learn together.