Colour Light Therapy • Reiki • Raindrop Technique

Hello, my name is Grace, I am a mum, blessed with my husband Chris and three beautiful young adults. My journey began in 2006 while living in Darwin when the world of Quantum Touch came my way. That was indeed the start of new beginnings for me and delving into who I am as a person and exploring different ways of helping & supporting others.

Shortly after my return from Darwin late 2008 Samassati Colour Light Therapy came into my life and took me down another path of discovery. Who could have known how light comes into play on a cellular level and can be used to support different systems & body functions. As time moved on and after an unresolved foot injury and the guidance of a friend, I was directed towards a modality called Foot Joint Mobilisation, and decided after feeling the benefits of the treatments to engage in that modality further.

Around 2014 Reiki & later Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils came into my life. They have become a big part of my being as I share with others the uses and benefits of plant based oils in my treatments to support and amplify wellbeing. I am passionate about sharing the simple steps that can be taken to help remove synthetics from homes and replace them with natural plant based alternatives. In doing this you can reduce the associated stress/load that builds up in your body. (38 oils have been approved & can be used in food & beverages).

My passion for essential oils has lead me down the road to exploring a beautiful restorative modality called ‘The Raindrop Technique’. After experiencing it myself I just knew I had to learn & share it with others. The Raindrop Techniques Is a very gentle modality that really can be addictive, it incorporates some ancient styles as well as modern massage techniques so before long every cell/system in your body feels the benefits.

All my treatments involve powerful yet non-invasive and gentle hands-on techniques that focus not just on symptoms, but on the person as a whole. They may reduce the need for orthotics, surgery, medication and pain relief. Treatments are based on the individual’s ability to heal and, accordingly, the results will vary. The body strives to heal itself to the best of its ability, and the treatments I offer may help the process. It is my aim to treat the individual, not just the ailment, and to encourage the body in a more balanced way of being. As a health practitioner I strive to care for, nurture well-being, encourage, support & prolong active life.