Peak Wellbeing Director • Mind Mastery • Energy Medicine • Meditation • Breathwork • NLP • Hypnosis • Timelining • CBT • Massage Therapist • Life Coach • Workshops

Heather is a coach, specialising in Mind Mastery. She helps people discover their true path and true self and guide them as they courageously find their way. She has been a student of martial arts (and mastery of mind and body) for over 20 years.

“Empowering others to realise their potential, guiding them to focus on their path and perform their best is my motivation for working in this field. Seeing the results in others inspires me to seek out deeper and wider understanding of techniques to coach others. This enhances my abilities to help others lead more fulfilling, satisfying lives, one person and one group at a time.”

Heather has worked in the private sector, NGOs and in NPOs in various positions requiring her to lead, mentor and coach others. Through one on one coaching and research, development and facilitation of group programs, Heather has successfully led others to meet their true potential and enhance their lives.

Heather is qualified and experienced in the fields of International Relations (with a key focus on Human Rights Law, Negotiation and Global Human Movement), Breathwork, Meditation, Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnosis, Timelining, CBT, Mental Health First Aid and Human Resource Management. While living in Asia, she studied at the Graduate School of Law in Japan and while living in Australia, Flinders and Adelaide Universities.

Although Heather has many years of experience in coaching and meditation, she is constantly studying further in the fields of Food as Medicine, Neurosciences and Mind Mastery through various ancient and modern techniques from global leaders in their fields as well as learning from everyone and everything around her. Heather believes that life-long learning is the key to a fulfilling life, as nothing is permanent, therefore all the more important to be flexible and constantly develop oneself in this ever-changing world.