Holistic health • Massage therapist • Yoga • Mindfulness meditation •
TaKeTina • Sound Bath

Heather has been working in the field of holistic health & wellbeing for 15 years as an intuitive energy healer & massage therapist, yoga teacher & mindfulness meditation teacher as well as a working in the arts as a musician, singer songwriter & performer. 

Her passions lie in healing & connection through mind/body integration which she offers through;

 “Rest in Resonance – Embodied Sound Sessions” – Sound bath & shamanic healing for individuals or groups. Sound healing is a gentle way to realign our vibration, clear blockages and restore harmony. The sound bath session is a therapeutic soundscape that uses a wide array of instruments including tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, voice, drums and more!
The session promotes well-being and a profound state of relaxation for participants, that increases the creativity which lays dormant within us all.

“TaKeTiNa guided moving meditation” – A guided rhythmic moving meditation process that guides participants into deep states of meditation that is a profoundly transformational and unique process. TaKeTiNa requires no musical experience and is an extremely playful and joyous way of entering into the archetypal foundations of rhythms that exist in all music. The process leads participants into states of relaxation, inner presence and awareness.  These workshops are deeply relaxing, and require no musical experience & allows participants to go at their own pace.

TaKeTiNa brings together Heather’s work with healing, music & mindfulfulness, that promotes connection within oneself as well as a deep sense of community connection through the practice.