Holistic • Practices via online services or in Sedona, North America

Providing remote private sessions and methods for observing and shifting energy, clearing challenges, stressors or habits of limitation to identify ways to move forward in daily life with ease, Jen works with intuited methods including those from wisdom keeper lineages, to shift, balance and focus energy on the practical, physical, emotional, energetic and mystic levels.. These methods open ways to empower and free up thought processes, action and creative potential as well as addressing physical symptoms.

Working with archetypes, elements and direct connection to the cosmic and natural worlds to restore flow and balance, we access codes and connection, remember toroidal field and heart centered creative abilities that bring about coherent outcomes in the here and now. These practices help us to walk in balance, harmony and in the flow of life.

Jen’s work includes elements of many modalities and holistic practices gained over years of study and practice. Holistic qualifications and background include numerous massage, body work and meditation practices, vibrational essences and Ausflowers Advanced Practitioner, Equine Emmett Therapy, certified Thai Yoga Therapist, Lit’ya Indigenous healing processes, and into more esoteric work of ©Temple Mastery, Melchizedeck and Blue School Training, Munay Ki and Four Winds traditions. Jen also has degrees in Fine Art. and Metaphysics.

Jen lives and works in Sedona Arizona, and supports first nation peoples culture, sovereignty and wisdom.