Ayurvedic consultant • Yoga Instructor • Meditation Facilitator •
Pranic and Sound Healer

Joshika has over 15 years experience in delivering corporate leadership programs and working with companies all over the world introducing the benefits of meditation and teaching simple techniques to relax, focus, overcome blocks and achieve goals.

After experiencing the profound benefits of meditation in her own life, Joshika’s intuitive healing powers, coupled with her scientific background led her to delve deep into the ancient Vedic sciences of meditation and self healing.


She has trained with Yogis, Healers and Meditation Gurus at some of India and Nepal’s most reputable schools, Joshika holds workshops and retreats combining Vedic meditation, Yogic philosophies and Sound healing. She offers a serene yet informative experience. Joshika is a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, Pranic Healer, Ayurvedic consultant and Sound healer.