Terms and Conditions

No drugs, alcohol or smoking on site.

In addition, we prefer no electronic devices on site, unless otherwise pre-approved by the manager. This is because some people attend our Restorative Centre to detox from technology for health reasons.


1. Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre is a cashless centre.

Bookings may be secured by full payment in advance by either booking through our website or paying in person in the centre with your credit/debit card.


2. Bookings and arrival

All appointments are paid in full at time of booking. If you are paying with a gift voucher, you will need to insert the voucher number at time of booking through the website. If you have a voucher and phone the centre to confirm a booking, you will need to quote your voucher number and when you come into the centre, you will need to present your e-voucher or printed copy to reception.

Please arrive at the Centre 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

For the purposes of providing the best care we can for you and in the case of specific regulations for health care professionals, we ask that you complete a confidential questionnaire prior to your appointment. You will be emailed the form or collect directly from the centre at the time of booking.

The questionnaire and any other personal information collected from you is collected and stored in accordance with guidelines outlined the Privacy Act 1988 and your personal information will not be disclosed to other parties without your direct consent.


As you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment, you may enjoy an eco friendly refresher towel and a cool or warm drink, depending on the weather and government regulations concerning COVID or other restrictions at that time.

If you arrive late, it may compromise the full length of your session. All sessions conclude at the scheduled time. You are welcome to arrive earlier and stay after your session to enjoy the offerings of our Tea Garden.


3. Group booking policy

All therapies booked as a group require a deposit of 25% to secure the therapists or practitioners and a date whilst you confirm the people attending and their treatment selections. The total group booking must be paid in full within 30 days prior to the booking date. If full payment is not received, the booking may be cancelled.


4. Rescheduling and cancellation policy

Our therapists and practitioners make special preparations once your booking is made. Therefore, if you need to reschedule or cancel a booking, the following terms apply:


5. a) Group bookings:

– Reschedule date 14 – 7 days prior initial booked date – 25% rescheduling fee charged

Rescheduling outside of these dates exceeding two times – 25% rescheduling fee charged

– Cancellation 30 – 15 days prior booked date – forfeit of 25% of total booking cost

– Cancellation 14 – 8 days prior booked date – forfeit of 75% of total booking cost

– Cancellation within 7 days prior booked date – forfeit of 100% of total booking cost


5. b) Individual bookings:

If you need to reschedule or cancel a booking, please notify the Centre at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to do so will regrettably result in the forfeit of the 100% of your total booking amount.

The rescheduling and cancellation fees may ONLY be waived in the event that we are able to fill the cancelled time slot from our waiting list.

Making an appointment with Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre is acknowledgement of the Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy.


6. Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre etiquette

We ask that you respect our staff, policies, facilities and other guests’ space.

Peak Wellbeing provides a space and services for all people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities and we ask that you are mindful of this.

We do not allow mobile phone, camera or other technology or electronic devices on premises and operate in a peaceful manner whilst creating a warm, positive, supportive and welcoming environment for all staff and guests.

Please note that entry to the Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre and invitations to re-book are at our discretion.

Please also feel welcome to discuss, in confidence any questions or concerns you may have about the environment we are providing with any of our caring staff.

 7. Special consideration and medical conditions

For any additional dietary requirements, allergies, conditions (including pregnancy) or disabilities not advised previously, please contact the Centre so we can assist in making the appropriate choices.

Whilst care is taken, the Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre cannot guarantee any of our treatments (or catering) are completely free from traces of allergens, or appropriate for any medical condition. Any medical condition you may have could cause increased sensitivity to any of our treatments or provided refreshments and there could be specific contraindications requiring special precautions. Please see prior advice from your doctor or healthcare professional before making a booking.

People being treated for chronic medical conditions should provide a written clearance from their doctor at the time of booking an appointment at the Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre.


8. Disclaimer

The Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre is not a medical centre and cannot offer advice regarding the suitability or appropriateness of any of our treatments for any medical condition or compatibility with any prescription or professionally administered medication. Any information provided by the Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre, including by its’ employees or agents, should not be construed as a substitute for professional medical advice. The Peak Wellbeing Restorative Centre can refuse you treatment if we deem that any of your medical conditions or treatments we provide may cause harm to you, our staff or other guests.